We questioned Irish business owners, “What would you put as a monetary value on bringing 20 to 50 American tourists into your business on a given evening?” Our second question was, “Would you be willing to make a donation in the form of a rebate to a group that we bring in your door?”

In November 2001, we started getting single paragraph agreements signed by publicans (Pub Owners). We now have hundreds of Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, and Coach Companies contracted in Ireland and a few in Scotland. (As of the date of this writing, we have approximately 232 signed agreements.)

Our rebate program is perceived by Irish business owners as an advertising cost. For the Irish Businessman its advertising that has guaranteed results. Like most advertising, it's paid for in advance! Which means we get their donations before your group boards your airplane.

This is a new way for your group to benefit from a tour to Ireland. For you and your organization, it is a simple means to increase profit without raising the cost to travel per person. 

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